5 Benefits and Applications of Internet of Things Technology

5 Benefits and Applications of Internet of Things Technology

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5 Benefits and Applications of Internet of Things Technology

Interconnected devices that serve the purpose of enhancing our everyday life are nothing new on the market. For years we have been using smartphones, electrical home devices and World Wide Web as a means to make our life easier and more streamlined.

One factor that connects all of these terms together is Internet of Things, a piece of technology that aims to automate and further simplify the way we live by taking over most of our everyday processes. But what are the positives of including such advanced technology as IoT in everything we do and how can we benefit from using it?

  1. Autonomous vehicles

There’s no denying that self-driven cars are not a fantasy anymore. Google has admittedly reined the autonomous vehicle market for several years, offering a very real and possible use of IoT to streamline our commuting process.

You can now buy a car that drives itself to and from work, suggests shortcuts, notifies you of weather changes, possible malfunctions and even detects the type of music you’d like to hear during your drive. These cars are few and far in between, costing upwards of $1 billion, but they are real and powered by IoT which connects them to their central station via the internet and cloud. It’s only a matter of time before such vehicles become a norm on the streets and highways all over the world.

  1. IoT-powered hazard suits

Workers on factory floors and hazardous environments all over the world will be happy to hear that IoT is moving into their sector seamlessly. Many manufacturers have started implementing IoT technology in their safety suits, allowing the user to quickly detect changes in temperature, potential hazardous elements in the environment and damages to the suit itself. The suits are equipped with a plethora of sensors and safeties, allowing the users to remain as safe as possible during their working hours.

While the suits themselves are still in early stages of development, we can already see the magnitude of their development in demonstrations and application predictions. Just imagine if every factory worker in the world had an IoT-powered suit and was safe from any potential harm that might come to them but they were unable to see it coming in the past.

  1. Medical monitoring

The IoT technology is looking to make a huge impact on medical care and healthcare as a whole. The magnitude of involving these devices in hospitals and house care all over the world will allow for much more straightforward patient care than before.

Medical workers will be able to monitor patients without visiting them in person, lowering the overall costs of health treatment and making sure that the risks of error are minimal. The question of implementing IoT fully into medical care is a matter of programming – can these devices store as much information and deduction as a medical worker would?

This poses an interesting question because it’s predicted that these devices will automatically administer medicine and make the patient’s experience as comfortable as possible without asking the doctor about every decision. While there is drug management and human care concern when it comes to IoT in medicine, there is no denying that the technology is shaping up to make a huge change in the way we perceive medical care.

  1. Smart housing

Everyone is used to seeing alarms around the house as a way of protecting themselves from potential burglars. While this is a good example of IoT technology being implemented on a house, it poses an interesting question – how far can IoT implementation go as far as housing is concerned?

Some of the earliest examples of fully equipped smart house involve sensors that detect human behavior and adjust the mood of the house to suit that state by inducing soothing music, lowering or raising the brightness of the house as well as cook coffee or prepare a bath. The technology isn’t advanced enough to do your homework or find a translation services guide for you but it’s coming ever closer to that dream. While it all sounds very sci-fi and farfetched, these houses already exist today, and they have made their residents’ living experience a Heaven on Earth.

  1. Consumption analytics & distribution

Having an AI or an IoT device monitor all of your shipping, delivery and distribution sounds like a dream, but in reality, it’s closer than ever before. Large international companies have started implementing IoT devices into their distribution and consumption analytics as a means to lower costs and raise overall company efficiency. The results might be less than favorable to peoplewho don’t do their jobs right because these devices don’t compromise and “like” someone, instead opting for objective and empirical assessments.

These same devices are posed to control distribution networks and shipping deliveries all over the world in light of making sure that every delivery arrives on time and intact. This poses a concern when it comes to employing workers and distributors but it should be noted that while an IoT device may order a shipment of materials, workers are still the ones who will deliver it.

Improved overall efficiency – Conclusion

With all that said, what does the future hold for IoT devices and their implementation? It’s no secret that life will become more and more streamlined as time goes by, allowing us to pursue personal development and think about the bigger picture instead of focusing on minute nuances.

Implementing IoT devices will allow people to become free of their full-time constraints and grasp a better understanding of how the world works. It’s true that some professions and jobplacements might see a downfall in light of technological advancement but such is the case in every age of technical evolution. Whether you like the idea of the Internet of Things or not, chances are that it’s here to stay and we can only adapt and make the most of this new, exciting and unexplored opportunity.

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