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Redefining Connectivity

The 21 st century witnessed an unprecedented explosion of data. In their constant endeavour to enhance their business models,organisations recognised the need for analysing this data and more importantly ensuring they begin monetizing this data. Data is the new oil of business. Leading to the exponential growth of IoT. Not only is IoT driving greater connection, it is also urging organisations to invest both time and resources to explore how IoT could contribute in future business plans. Be it in gathering information on customer behaviour, or remote monitoring of manufacturing units, allowing doctors to record and monitor patient health, enabling airports to monitor passenger flow etc. This is just skimming the surface, the beginning.

The number of connected devices is expected to skyrocket in the coming years. Analysts predict that IoT technology will support US$ 273 billion in spending on services alone in 2018, primarily on professional services to design, install and operate systems. With its endless possibilities, organisations must also concentrate on how they can continue being compliant, ensure both the security and privacy of the data collected is maintained with highest of standards.

IoT Conclave 2018

UMS’s IoT Conclave 2018 is a platform for professionals and experts across industries to come together to discuss the potential of IoT and how to unlock this potential to best suit business needs. With its development of smart cities, enhanced connected infrastructure, and constantly growing connected culture, UAE, is a front runner in adoption and implementation of IoT, making it the ideal venue to host this event. IoT 2018 is a platform to explore how the Internet of Things can accelerate business in going completely digital


IoT Conclave 2018 Will Focus On

 Current trends in IoT

Convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT)

Building a digital enterprise

Challenges and risks associated with IoT

Integration hurdles and how to overcome them

IoT and big data analytics

Building a robust and effective cybersecurity strategy

Why Attend?


Attending the IoT Conclave 2018 would help you design a holistic approach to implement a digitisation strategy that needs to be practiced across production, value chains and business models.


Define ways in which IoT is embraced by more companies, boosting productivity across all manufacturing processes.


In the coming years, with even more data to play with, businesses will need to up their cyber security game to prevent information about their products and processes being stolen, lost or changed.


Discover the impact of new manufacturing models on your business. Ensure that your leaders possess the right skill sets, an inherent understanding of rapidly evolving issues, and a willingness to explore fresh new perspectives and insights into IoT.

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